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Date Night Redefined

Mini golf has gained popularity as a fun and casual activity for internet dates and couples night out. Here are a few reasons why Matagarup Mini Golf is the perfect choice:

Casual Atmosphere:

Mini golf provides a relaxed and casual setting, allowing people to engage in conversation while enjoying a light-hearted activity. It’s less formal than a traditional dinner date, creating a more comfortable environment.

Interactive and Fun:

Mini golf is an interactive and entertaining activity. It allows couples to engage in a bit of friendly competition, fostering a playful atmosphere that can help break the ice on a first or early date.

No Pressure:

The low-pressure environment of mini golf can help alleviate the pressure that sometimes comes with more formal dates. It allows individuals to showcase their personalities in a more relaxed setting.

Physical Activity:

Mini golf involves some physical activity and movement, which can be a positive aspect for an internet date. It’s a more dynamic experience compared to sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant.


Mini golf provides natural opportunities for laughter, teasing, and playful banter. These elements can act as icebreakers and make the date more enjoyable.


Mini golf is suitable for various skill levels, making it an inclusive activity. Whether someone is a seasoned golfer or a complete novice, they can still have a good time.

Memorable Experience:

The unique and often quirky nature of mini golf courses can make the date more memorable. It creates shared experiences that can be fondly remembered and discussed later.

Photo Opportunities:

Mini golf courses often have interesting and colourful settings, providing plenty of photo opportunities. Sharing pictures from the date on social media can be a fun way to document the experience.


While mini golf may not be suitable for every couple or situation, its popularity for internet dates lies in its ability to provide a fun, interactive, and memorable experience that helps facilitate connection and conversation.

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